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Welcome to the home of The Business Boutique. We are located in Anchorage, Alaska but have served communities statewide. Founded in 2009 by Jasmin Smith The Business Boutique has maintained it's commitment to be one of the leaders in assisting small to medium sized businesses, communities, organizations with  free or low cost, accessible, and culturally responsive mentoring, training, and project/event coordination.


We specialize in the areas of: one on one mentoring and consulting, small group training, community coordination and event planning.


Businesses are a valued part of our community. Located in South-Central Alaska, Anchorage is the place where the modern and wilderness coexist and create a great place to live and do business. Starting and growing your business can be complex and sometimes overwhelming BUT we are here to help and are excited to see you start, grow and maintain a healthy and happy business. We also want to support the development of heathly communities We hope that this website helps you successfully navigate the basics of starting and growing a business in Anchorage. Check back soon, this website is updated regularly!​ 


We take pride in our deep community roots and are happy to say we have worked with hundreds of Alaskan businesses and communities. Groups we have worked with or for include Alaska Small Business Development Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, University of Alaska Fairbanks- Cooperative Extension, Anchorage Community Land Trust-Set Up Shop, Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska Start Ups- Alaska Start Up Week and more.

We have also hosted various entrepreneur and community development events and initiatives such as Funding Fairs, How to Access Capital Workshops, Business Mixers, Vendor Fairs, Youth Entrepreneurship, Community Empowerment and Frontline Business Initiative (PPE to businesses in need).

If you have an idea or initiative that you want to partner up that will empower our community let's talk!

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